THE VISION Our vision for the development of the former Hellinikon airport is the design of a pioneering development for Athens, with great emphasis on the creation of a world class metropolitan park, as well as the enhancement of the coastal front fully accessible to the public.







The dominant aspect of Project design is to create a 2,000,000 m2 Metropolitan Park, one of the largest coastal parks in the world, freely accessible to the public.

The selection of the internationally acclaimed architectural firm FOSTER + PARTNERS together with ARUP Engineers, Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture (USA) and numerous reputable Greek designer offices, safeguards the strategic vision of the Developer, that is the design and development of a project that will have a significant positive impact on the living standard of the project’s end-users.

In specific, the design principles include:

  • The development of the Metropolitan Green and Recreation Park, covering an area of 2,000,000 m2, which extends from the coastal area up to Vouliagmenis Ave., thus connecting Alimos with Glyfada and Argyroupouli and Hellinikon municipalities with the sea, providing the residents of the neighboring Municipalities of Alimos, Argyroupoli - Hellinikon and Glyfada easy access to the park. The concept design of the park has been focused on highlighting the history of the former Hellinikon airport and site, transforming buildings of historical and emotional significance (Saarinen building / former eastern airport, hangars) into buildings of cultural interest (exhibition center, museums.)
    Moreover, the Park design provides:
    The creation of an invaluable open green space, a green lung characterized by the unique flora of Attica, which is expected to significantly improve the microclimate in the region and substantially contribute to the regeneration of the area and the strengthening of tourist and commercial interest.
    Developing new exemplary sports facilities and stadiums as a reminder of the Olympic Games 2004 legacy.
    Utilizing sections of the Airport’s runways and taxiways for the creation of pedestrian promenades and leisure spaces.

  • The development of the coastal front is expected to substantially enhance the project's overall image. The concept involves the upgrading and enhancement of the coastal front, via the implementation of significant infrastructure & marine works, including the creation of a more than 1km long publically accessible beach, surrounded, on one end, by the marina and on the other side by a world class landmark, an aquarium. The development of the coastal front includes tourism and recreation uses, (hotels, sports facilities, commercial uses) as well as model residential developments. Emphasis will be given on the construction of an architectural landmark tower designated for residential use, of impressive architectural design that will make it destination point and a landmark of the coastal front.

  • The development of the former Hellinikon airport with a variety of new uses, such as educational institutions & a campus with housing facilities for students, internationally acclaimed health and research institutions, as well as a model business park that will mark the Hellinikon as a multifaceted destination of education, research and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the project will include recreation and commercial uses such as the largest mall in Attica, hypermarkets, hotel complexes and other tourism destinations (convention center, new golf course, utilization of the Olympic Canoe-Kayak Centre) as well as residential developments.

It should be noted that out of the total land area of 6,200,000 m2 the Park, public green areas and open spaces will amount to at least 2,600,000 m2, while an expanded network of pedestrian and cycle paths approximately 50 km long will be created which will be connected to rail networks to ensure direct access to the area without the need for a car, so that visitors from neighboring municipalities as well have direct access to the Park and the Beach. The development is not aimed at building a privileged fenced area, but a broad and easily accessible metropolitan zone, where both residents and visitors will have an interest in taking part and capitalizing on Attica citizens’ upgraded collective quality of life the project will bring about.



Global Investment Group is an international consortium of investors- the Chinese conglomerate Fosun Group, Eagle Hills from Abu Dhabi and Latsis Group - who have joined forces to undertake the project of redeveloping Hellinikon, Europe's largest urban mixed-use development project.

About Fosun Group


Founded in 1992, Fosun Group is a classic story of success after China's reform and opening-up. On 16 July 2007, Fosun International (00656.HK), the parent company of Fosun Group, was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

As of today, Fosun has established a development model powered by four growth engines comprising "insurance, industrial operations, investments and assets management”, and through implementation of its philosophy of value investment, Fosun is making strides towards its vision of becoming “a premium insurance-oriented investment group with a focus on China’s growth momentum". Currently, Fosun mainly invests in sectors that would significantly benefit from China's growth momentum, such as consumption and consumption upgrade, financial services, resources & energy, and manufacturing upgrade, with a view to participating in the rapid development of China's economy.


Fosun's investment philosophy is to maintain a strong base in China and invest in the country's growth fundamentals, so as to capture opportunities arising from consumption and services upgrade, urbanization and industrial upgrade brought by the restructuring of China’s economy towards domestic demand. At the same time, Fosun seeks to capitalize on structural changes in the global economy, implementing its unique investment model of "combining China's growth momentum with global resources" and reinforcing its position as a China expert with global capacity, with a view to constantly creating value for the society and its shareholders.


In practice, Fosun unremittingly builds up its capabilities in identifying and capturing investment opportunities benefiting from China's growth, improving the management and enhancing the value of investees, and establishing multi-channel financing system to access quality capital. With the value chain based on these three core competencies and a group of entrepreneurs endorsing its corporate culture, a solid foundation is laid for the continuous rapid growth of Fosun.

While pursuing economic development, Fosun also share the fruitful results of development with our staff, partners and communities, taking the initiative to contribute the society in return. Meanwhile, Fosun also actively contributes its efforts to improve the business and natural environments of China so as to support the rejuvenation of the Chinese economy and culture.

More information:

Fosun 3
Resort under the theme of ocean – Atlantis

Fosun 1
Fosun Healthcare City

Fosun 2
Fosun commercial / tourism / culture complex

Eagle Hills

Eagle Hills

Eagle Hills is a private investment company and master developer of new city hubs and mixed-use projects in high-growth international markets. Born in the United Arab Emirates, Eagle Hills specializes in the development, creation and reinvigoration of urban centres and flagship destinations that look to energize and diversify local economies, create jobs, attract local and international investments and positively impact business and tourism. The company has a portfolio of international projects including Belgrade Waterfront in Serbia; Centenary City in Abuja, Nigeria; Marassi Al Bahrain; The St. Regis Amman and Marsa Zayed in Jordan; and Bab Al Bahr in Rabat, Morocco.

More information:

Al Maabar Bab Al Bahr Perspective Fleuvial
Βab Al Bahr, Morocco

Belgrade Waterfront
Belgrade waterfront, Serbia

Centenary City Home Spotlight 01
Centernary city

About Latsis Group


The Latsis Group was founded in the 1940s by the late John S. Latsis. The Group’s activities initially focused on trade and shipping and gradually expanded across a wide range of business sectors, both in Greece and abroad. In the 1970s, the Group built the first export refinery in Greece and undertook major infrastructure and energy projects in Saudi Arabia. Since the 1980s the Group has developed the following main business activities:

Development and management of an international real estate portfolio. The major part of this activity, in Greece and the Balkans, is implemented through the Athens Stock Exchange listed Lamda Development S.A.

Private banking and asset management through the listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange EFG International with a global presence.

Commercial shipping through Latsco Shipping Ltd and Consolidated Marine Management Inc.,

Refining and trading of petroleum products, natural gas trading and electricity production and distribution through the Group’s participation, along with the Greek State, in the Athens Stock Exchange listed Hellenic Petroleum S.A. and its

Management of mega yachts, new builds and refits as well as berthing facilities are offered by PrivatSea, a pioneer in the field of yacht management. The company provides services on all aspects of the yachting industry offering a fully integrated solution to yacht owners

Investment management in the healthcare sector in Switzerland.

The Latsis family funds important public benefit initiatives in Greece and abroad, managed by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, which is active in a wide range of areas including science, education, health, social welfare and culture ( and by the Fondation Latsis Internationale, the main scope of which is the promotion of science and research.

Sports and Cultural Center d Coque Luxembourg
Sports and Cultural Center "d' Coque", Luxembourg

Forum el Djazair Algiers Algeria
Forum el Djazair, Algiers (Algeria)

marina floisvou
Flisvos Marina, Greece

diilisitira eleusinas
Elefsina Refinary, Greece

EFG Bank Monaco
EFG Bank, Monaco

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